#MondayMantra 03.13.17


Some weeks I pick a quote that I am feeling and living. Other weeks, the quotes are more aspirational. This is one of those weeks. I’ve got a ton of projects that I am excited about and that all require my time, attention and focus. But I’m feeling very scattered and I’m not really feeling my spark right now. I wish I was. It would make my To Do list fly by and keep my focused. Instead, I am aimlessly pacing around my kitchen wondering what to have for lunch or shuffling the mounds of papers on my desk (the #40BagsIn40Days challenge is in full effect over here!) and lamenting the fact that I still have to get my tax stuff in order.

I know the spark inside me has the power to illuminate the world, but right now I can’t find it buried under the laundry that needs to be put away and Ben’s school project on the endangered green turtle that is due tomorrow.

So I am posting this here today to remind myself to give myself some time this week to clear out the mind clutter and uncover that spark.


Every Monday, I pick a quote that resonates with me and post it as my #MondayMantra on Instagram. Follow me to be the first to see my weekly pick and all the other random stuff I share on there.

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