#MondayMantra 03.06.17

It’s been a very slow day around here. Not by choice and not because there’s nothing to do. There’s SO much to do! But I came home from a very romantic weekend away only to catch a bit of cold. So, even though I have 20509676093 things to do, I am confined to the couch. My tendency is to go-go-GO until I’m completely rundown. I am trying to remind myself that it is ok to take it easy from time to time. To relax and recharge. So even with a To-Do list that won’t quit, sometimes you have to. And with that, I am headed back to the couch.


Every Monday, I pick a quote that resonates with me and post it as my #MondayMantra on Instagram. Follow me to be the first to see my weekly pick and all the other random stuff I share on there.

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