#MondayMantra 02.13.17


I’m an enthusiasm junkie. I love enthusiasm. I get a high from it. And it doesn’t even have to be MY enthusiasm. I love talking to people about what excites them, what gets their motors going. You love Lord of the Rings? I can’t wait to hear about it! You can’t get enough knitting? Teach me! My addiction to enthusiasm is one of the reasons I attend San Diego Comic Con each year. Being surrounded by that much enthusiasm recharges my batteries in a way I can’t quite explain. Of course, by Day 3 I need a disco nap because all that enthusiasm can be exhausting as well.

For the last few months, my enthusiasm has been depleted. The election (yes I’m STILL talking about the election) and every bit of news since has really sucked my enthusiasm dry. Prolonged job-hunting is also taking its toll. I haven’t been able to muster true excitement for much of anything. Which is VERY unlike me. Of course, there are bright spots in each day (new love butterflies, Beyoncé having twins, Ben stealing the show in his school variety show) and thank goodness for them.

This quote resonated with me because it serves as a reminder to get jazzed again. To dive into even the most mundane tasks with glee. Well, as much glee as you can summon when folding laundry, cleaning out the cat litter or writing another cover letter.  But the fact is, the Universe feeds off of enthusiasm too. Just like I leave Comic Con all hopped up and inspired, the Universe needs your enthusiasm to start popping on your behalf.

This week I am SUPER-EXCITED about my new membership at The Sweat Shoppe, Valentine’s Day plans and a couple of writing goals. How about you? What are you looking forward to this week? What are you going to tackle with enthusiasm?



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