All Good Things – 2016 Edition

So the general consensus is that 2016 was a hot mess. A dumpster fire. Pretty much the worst year ever. Or at least in recent memory.

And I don’t disagree.

This was a challenging year for a lot of people. It was a really difficult for me, personally and professionally and I’m ready to say good bye to it. However, at my core I am an optimistic person who sees the good in (almost) any situation. So today, I started thinking of the good things that happened this year. Here’s a small sampling:

  • #BigBenTurns10 – Spent 2 weeks traveling through Europe with Ben
  • Checked off a bucket list item and visited Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny
  • LEMONADE dropped
  • Saw Beyonce liveTWICE
  • Creamsicle joined the family and turned me into a crazy cat lady
  • Went to SO many great concerts (Gwen Stefani, Chris Stapleton, Brian Wilson, Tegan and Sara, Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, Rick Springfield – to name a few!)
  • Another year, another crazy fun good time at Comic Con
  • Saw Ben start down the road to pursuing his acting dreams
  • Made my house more of a home by painting, buying new furniture, hanging prints and art that matter to me
  • Jumped back into the LA dating scene and found it full of emotionally available, mature fun guys. Who knew?!
  • Visited the fountain of youth
  • Started the year watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens repeatedly. Ended it with watching Rogue One repeatedly
  • Visited Oklahoma City and used it as a reason to sing this song obnoxiously nonstop
  • Saw Lonnie Bee live with my good good girlfriends
  • Did a bone marrow shot at Bestia
  • The Ben Affleck workout montage in Batman v Superman
  • Saw Dave Chappelle live and was quoted by the LA Times
  • Volunteered with organizations that matter to me (including RedEye, Project Angel Food, Planned Parenthood
  • Hooted and hollered as my younger brother walked across the stage to accept his college diploma
  • went to my first Renaissance Faire (and it won’t be my last!)
  • Went to the 100 Episode celebration of Bob’s Burgers at the Wiltern
  • Saw Triumph the Insult Comic Dog bid farewell to Lin-Manuel Miranda in this #Ham4Ham
  • Lounging on the beach in the South of France with good friends
  • Backyard movies in the summer
  • Went to WonderCon for the first time
  • Started a monthly brunch group that was really just an excuse to spend time with some of my favorite women
  • Paid tribute to Prince at a rollerskating memorial where I saw John C. Reilly dressed like a dream I once had
  • Marched in 2 Pride Parades (LA and Vegas)
  • Got the chance to reconnect with family back East while showing Ben the neighborhood I are up in
  • Eating Italian ices on the beach in Rockaway
  • Had the opportunity to explore New York City with Ben and visit four of the five boroughs in one day
  • Named Executive Director of the CHLA Dance Marathon
  • Deepened friendships, old and new
  • Learned to bake a pumpkin pie from scratch (No canned pumpkin for this bitch!)
  • Had the honor of campaigning for the first female presidential candidate and  regardless of the outcome, history was made

This year didn’t turn out like I thought it would in. any. way. But there was good in it. Still, I am glad to see it go.

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