About Me

Welcome to the Juggle! This is the place where I empty the contents of my brain, heart and occasionally my purse. And along the way, I hope to make you laugh, make you think and teach you a couple of life hacks to make the juggle a little easier.

I am a single mom living the dream in Los Angeles, if the dream is juggling work, raising a decent human being, dating, and volunteering all while trying to look great and not lose my mind.

A few other tidbits about me:

  • I  hate meal planning almost as much as I hate hearing “What’s for dinner?” EVERY. SINGLE NIGHT.
  • I will never turn down a donut.
  • I wish I meditated more…or at all. People seem to really dig that shit.
  • I am allergic to every cat in the world, except my cat.


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